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Who are our candidates?

Top-managers, middle managers, and leading specialists.

Nowadays some of them are actively seeking new professional challenges. A majority successfully works at key posts, but takes interest in labour market situation and is open to discuss new possibilities.

What is our attitude toward our candidates?

The basic rule that we absolutely stick to is “Treat other people the way you would like them to treat you.” We build the relationships with our candidates upon the principles of confidentiality and mutual respect, the same we do with our clients. That may be the reason why our candidates often become our clients too.

All personal information is kept strictly confidential. We guarantee that a client will obtain the candidate’s personal information only with the consent of the latter.



Be honest

Under no circumstances embellish your CV incorrectly describing your work experience or withholding any kind of information. Full and accurate information submitted by you is a key requirement of a successful search.

Be flexible

Do everything possible to attend the appointments and interviews despite your tight working schedule.

Be proactive

Carry out a research / Due Diligence of the Client’s Company; compare the objectives of the vacancy with your capabilities and wishes. Together with the Consultant decide to what extend the Client suits you as an employer. If you have any doubts, take this time to reach other goals.

Prepare yourself for an interview

If you have decided to go on an interview, make thorough preparations. This is you whom the employer should choose. Then you can make final decision whether such way of career growth is right.

Be sincere

The process of executive search takes time and you are one of several competent Candidates. Please do not misinform the Consultants that you negotiate with them only, if in reality you consider offers of some other companies.