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Leadership potential assessment

It is akin to an art to unveil the candidate’s leadership potential. There is a perception that leaders are charismatic, self-confident people, efficient only at currently occupied posts. However, it is few and far between when a seasoned football player becomes a talented football coach. That’s just the way it is in business. Often, people who are not flaunting their ambitions or hitting record sale numbers may become true leaders. According to the researches by Saville Consulting, the British company, the most important leader’s feature is a spacious mind, the ability to think strategically, emotional resilience, thirst for new knowledge and communication skills.

We offer you the tools, created by Peter Saville, an outstanding British scientist and path-breaker in the field of personal working performance and founder of Saville Consulting Group. Since 2015, the patent holder of the Saville Consulting tools is Willis Towers Watson.


  • Find the candidates, whose leadership potential is not explicitly revealed, but it indeed exists and can be developed over the long term
  • Assess the efficiency potential of leaders in particular sectors while engaged in other functional sectors.
  • Assess the candidate’s tendency to leadership, efficient at their current post, which does not currently assume HR management
  • Assess the compliance of the candidate’s occupied post with his/her leadership potential


WAVE PROFESSIONAL STYLES – is an efficient and simple method enabling to anticipate the employee professional performance and make better decisions concerning personnel.

The questionnaire detects the delicate peculiarities of the human behavior at the workplace at the level of 108 behavior traits.

Nowadays WAVE Professional Styles is available in many languages, including Russian. The Russian version is adjusted to the Russian-speaking cultural environment and has passed all necessary validation procedures.

35 minutes

WAVE Professional Styles is performed online; it takes 35 minutes and entails a positive interpretation by a certified specialist.


SWIFT ANALYSIS APTITUDE – is an assessment tool, necessary to carry out work related to verbal, numerical, graphical, technical or spatial information.

Skills tests are used to recruit employees to the posts of different levels from the alumni, wishing to get their first job to the Directors General and Functional Directors of the companies.

SWIFT ANALYSIS APTITUDE stands out favorably in its modern design and tasks content, has clear instructions and entails a positive interpretation by a certified specialist.

18 minutes

SWIFT ANALYSIS APTITUDE STYLES is performed online and takes only 18 minutes.