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Searching top-management

Executive Search is an effective way of filling executive positions with the most suitable candidates by direct contacting potential candidates.

We can help you:

  • in searching senior executive officers and functional top-managers, managers of functions and areas in various economic sectors, when confidentiality and quality are among main priorities of headhunting;
  • when you require efficient and trustworthy senior executive, who will attain competitive edge for your business;
  • when it is necessary to find an efficacious solution for your business by recruiting a professional manager, whose joining the company will enable it to improve its performance from qualitative and quantitative perspective.

About Talent and Corporative Culture

Gifted leaders not simply do their jobs. They perform better than others. They enjoy what they are doing. They are active, full of energy, willing to learn and change themselves as well as the surrounding world. In the long run they execute more than they are in charge of officially. Thus, business benefits considerably from this.

Embarking on each of our projects, we not only thoroughly analyze tasks that a would-be employee will perform, but we also strive to deeply understand the corporative culture of the Client’s company. Because under other equal conditions like education, experience and skills it is the candidate, who fits in the company in terms of its spirit and human values who will prove himself.

In this context if discrepancies evolve it drags down both the employed manager and the team. “A rose” will not burst into a lovely flower while being surrounded by “Carnations”. “Pit bull terrier” can easily find common language with “pit bull terriers”, rather than with “Maltese” and “German shepherd”. Our business proficiency lies in the ability to feel and foresee.