Elena Nikolenko

Managing partner

I have been successfully engaged in Executive Search and C-suite recruitment for over 15 years. I like connecting people with similar values. I feel inspired when I find the best (for my Client) talent and bring in this talent, with further ensured placement and successful integration.

There is a good slogan in shooting: Aim first, and then shoot. This principle is the basis of our work on each project. I like and know how to develop search strategy and define selection criteria.

Since 2001 I have found leaders for international and local companies in FMCG, agriculture, logistics and retail sectors. This is a privilege to know and work with the best people of our time. I constantly maintain an extensive personal network. I have a degree in Psychology and Certificates of Competence in Occupational Testing (Levels A & B), the British Psychological Society, 2010. I speak English, Ukrainian and Russian.