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Executive Search is a successful method of recruiting the most qualified candidate for the senior post by direct communication with the prospective candidates.


  • General and Functional Directors, Heads of Divisions and Units of various economy sectors when the recruitment priority is given to confidentiality and quality;
  • An efficient and reliable senior leader who will create competitive advantage for your business;
  • An effective solution for your business, you need professional manager who will contribute to the improvement of qualitative and quantitive indices.


Talented leaders do not simply perform their job well. They do it better than everyone else. They admire what they do, they are energetic, ready to gain new knowledge, continuously improve themselves and the world around. And finally they have their heart in the work and do more than their functional responsibilities require. And that makes a great contribution to the business development.

As we begin a new project, we thoroughly examine the tasks an employee is going to carry out and strive to have a deep understanding of the business culture of a client’ company. Since under other equal conditions (education, experience, skills) exactly the one who perfectly fits the company’s business culture and human values system will perform better.

Should this parameter create a discrepancy, it undermines the moral state of a recruited manager and of a whole team, according to the saying: “Birds of a feather flock together”. Hence, the feature of our business lies in the ability to feel and anticipate.